Biking Basics

  • Know your ABCs (air, brakes, chain and cranks)? Click here for an easy way to ensure your bike is safe to ride.

  • Brush up on the rules of the road with TransAlt's Biking Rules! handbook. Remember, cyclists are subject to the same traffic laws as automobiles - that means stopping at red lights and stop signs, riding in the direction of traffic, and giving right of way to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

  • Learn to change a flat tire and gain independence from one of bicycling's greatest banes  — it's easier than you might think.

  • Confused by all the tech banter at bike shops? Get to know your ride with this bike anatomy lesson.

  • A reflective ankle strap, available from your local bike shop, will prevent your pants from getting greasy or snagged in the chain, while adding extra visibility. Or, if you're in a pinch, just roll up your right pant leg a lá mid-90s LL Cool J, whose style was apparently inspired by early NYC bike messengers. Riding in a skirt? Keep your undergarments under wraps with this easy trick which won't cost you a penny (ok, it will cost you exactly one penny).

  • Use a quality bike lock. When locking up, bike racks or tall street signs — so your bike can't be hoisted up and over by thieves — are your best bet. Always avoid locking to the lateral bars of scaffolding, which can be easily unbolted, unless you're a firm believer in setting free the things you love! Become a TransAlt member and receive a coupon for $47 off a New York Kryptonite Lock!