How does it work?

When you’re ready to sign up, see if your workplace is already registered. If it isn't, register yourself and your workplace team at the same time. You will become the Team Captain, by default. (This can be easily changed.) Here’s what happens next:

  • If you’re the captain, invite your coworkers to register and join your workplace team

  • Download the challenge app for iPhone or Android. Don't have a smartphone? Log your trips here.

  • Log all of your bike trips to and from work, even if it’s only part of your commute. TransAlt will be reviewing your trips so be sure to only log trips that are part of your commute! You can log up to two trips per day.

  • Keep tabs on how your team is doing - team rankings are updated in real time. TransAlt will award:

    • The teams (six awards, one per size category) with the highest number of trips per employee

    • Individual riders with the most miles (five winners, one per borough)

  • Come to the Bike Home from Work Party on May 31st at Domino Park in Williamsburg and celebrate with us!


Who can participate?

Workplaces of all sizes in the five boroughs are welcome to join the Challenge. Whether you already work with a pack of seasoned bike commuters, or you’re hoping to introduce bicycling to your office and reap the benefits of a healthy, productive team, the Challenge is a great way to get your coworkers engaged and excited about commuting by bike.

The Bike to Work Challenge is 100 percent free. It’s perfect for cycling veterans and newbies alike. We'll individually award the mileage kings, but even one trip, part-way, counts as much as a long trip to the success of your team.

Previous challenge participants include thousands of employees at more than 600 corporations and nonprofits including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Sam Schwartz Engineering, Tiffany and Co., Streeteasy, Etsy, Con Edison, Google New York, Amplify Education, and Saks Fifth Avenue.


What’s in it for you

Bragging rights, a fresh perspective on your daily commute and, tons of great prizes!

And if your company’s leadership is looking to boost productivity and lower costs, look no further: bike commuters are proven to lower healthcare premiums and be loyal to employers who value their lifestyle.

On May 31st, TransAlt will honor the winning workplaces and individuals at the Bike Home from Work Party. We’ll applaud everyone who rode in the Challenge, announce the winners, and celebrate cycling at this grand finale of Bike Month 2018.


What does a team captain do?

The team captain has administrative abilities on the website - they can add and delete team members, change passwords, email the entire team, and more. The team captain may also take on social responsibilities at the workplace if they so choose, organizing bike commuters' events or benefits with their company. TransAlt will provide each team captain with promotional materials for their office. And if two people are interested in sharing these responsibilities, we can easily add a co-captain to any workplace team. Captains of the “Biking-est Workplace” teams will win an individual prize as well as share in the team prize.


Size categories

Since we’re judging the Challenge based on number of trips relative to workplace size, we’ve broken the competition into size categories to keep things fair. You’ll be facing off against other businesses of similar size.

  • 1-4 Employees

  • 5-24 Employees

  • 25-99 Employees

  • 100-499 Employees

  • 500-999 Employees

  • 1,000+ Employees


I commute to multiple locations per day, can I log all of my trips?

Any individual member can only log up to two trips per day. Since mileage counts for super commuter stats, you may as well make them your two longest trips!


What counts as a bike commute?

Any bike ride to or from work, partway or all of the way, counts as a trip. It’s that simple! New to biking? Not a problem - even one trip contributes to your team’s total trip count. You can take up to two trips per day. Mileage kings: don’t fret, your efforts are still recognized for individual prizes and will be crucial for tie-breakers.

Your bike trip doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the five boroughs: if you live outside of NYC, just make a bike ride part of your commute at least once during the Challenge, May 1 -30.

It is assumed that most trips will be under 30mi each. If you log multiple trips over 30mi, you may be expected to describe the circumstances under which you completed these trips, or your trip mileage may be reduced to 30mi per trip.


How we do the math

Winners are determined by the total number of cycling commutes during the month of May by a workplace team, divided by the total number of employees at the workplace (as listed by the team captain at signup). One winner will be named in each of the six workplace size categories. We’ll use mileage tie-breakers when necessary. In other words:

The total number of cycling commutes made by the team / the total number of employees as reported by the team leader, expressed as and ranked by trips per employee.

So, if your business has 50 employees and your team logs 100 trips total, your team will have a rating of 2 trips per employee. This is regardless of whether only 2 people logged 50 trips each, or if all 50 people logged 2 trips. During the competition, check the standings diligently and exhort those co-workers who have signed up but not ridden yet. And get those new commuters to sign up!